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Кому помогут солнце и ветер

Ветряки и солнечные батареи обеспечат энергией жителей Дальнего Востока и юга России.
31 марта

Как сберегать воду

К 2030 году дефицит воды будут испытывать 40% населения Земли.
27 октября, 2016 г.

Экономия поддерживает экологию

Россияне обеспокоены вопросами экологии, но сами заниматься активной охраной окружающей среды не спешат. Забота о собственном кошельке заставляет многих граждан сберегать ресурсы, экономя воду, газ и энергию, отметили эксперты Института статистических исследований и экономики знаний (ИСИЭЗ) НИУ ВШЭ в рамках Мониторинга инновационного поведения населения.
25 сентября, 2015 г.


Age-specific net migration patterns in the municipal formations of Russia

This paper analyses the spatial patterns of internal migration in Russia using data on net migration gain/loss in 2200 municipal formations (MFs) in Russia for the 2012–2013 period. These MFs are grouped into age categories that correspond with different life-course stages. We define 16 classes of MFs with similar migration balance patterns for multiple age groups and characterize the most typical classes. The results of our analysis show that age-specific migration patterns are determined by the spatial characteristics of MFs—in particular, a municipality’s localization in the centreperiphery system and the advantages of the geographic location (e.g., resort area, natural resources). We find that a city’s population size and administrative status are also important migration factors. In addition, we reveal differences in inter-regional and intra-regional migration and define their structural characteristics. An analysis of age-specific net migration contributes to our understanding of internal migration factors and allows us to assess the impact of migration on a municipality’s age structure. In large cities and regional centres, migration results in younger populations, while in peripheral areas, it speeds up population ageing. In most of the MFs that we analysed, the migration of youth and adults ‘moves’ in opposite directions. This factor accelerates the impact of migration on the population age structure in areas of destination and origin and significantly influences a municipality’s current and prospective demographic parameters as well as the population’s patterns of settlement and spatial concentration or de-concentration both nationally and regionally.

GeoJournal. 2017.

Evidence of temperature and precipitation change over the past 100 years in a high-resolution pollen record from the boreal forest of Central European Russia

Near-annual pollen records for the last 100 years were obtained from a 65-cm peat monolith from a raised peat bog in the Central Forest State Natural Biosphere Reserve (southern part of the Valdai Hills, European Russia) and compared with the available long-term meteorological observations. An age–depth model for the peat monolith was constructed by 210Pb and 137Cs dating. Cross-correlation and the Granger causality analysis indicated a broad range of statistically significant correlations between the pollen accumulation rate (PAR) of the main forest-forming trees and shrubs (Picea, Pinus, Betula, Tilia, Quercus, Ulmus, Alnus, and Corylus) and the air temperature and precipitation during the previous 3 years. Results showed that high air temperatures during the growing season (May–September) in the year prior to the flowering led to an increase in pollen productivity of the main tree species. The statistically significant correlation between the PAR of trees and shrubs and winter precipitation of the current and previous years could reflect the influence of winter precipitation on soil water availability and as a result on tree growth and functioning in the spring.

Olchev A., Novenko E., Viktor Popov et al.
The Holocene. 2017. Vol. 27. No. 5. P. 740-751.
15 февраля 2017

Low Carbon Growth in the Northeast Asian Economies: Mirage or Reality?

The Paris Climate Agreement established a new target of combating global warming "well below 2 degrees Celsius". This goal will lead to the transformation and deep decarbonization of world economy aiming at nearly zero carbon emissions soon after 2050. The Northeastern Asian countries (responsible for 40% of global CO2 emissions) have all rechnological, resource and ivnestment potential for decarbonization both domestically and internationally, and can show leadership in this efforts on global scale.

Safonov G., Enkhbayar S.
Iss. 1701e. Niigata: ERINA, 2017.

Regional Features of the Dynamics and Structure of Terrorist Activity in 1970–2012

В статье рассматривается пространственно-временной подход к исследованию террористической активности. Предложен интегральный показатель уровня интенсивности террористической напряженности, и на его основе выделены шесть регионов террористической активности в мире: азиатский, ближневосточный, североафриканский, южноафриканский, американский и европейский. Каждый из регионов характеризуется специфическими историческими особенностями, а также имеет отличия по таким параметрам как интенсивность, сформированность и масштабность террористической активности. На примере одного из регионов подробно описана модель территориальной структуры террористической активности, состоящей из трех зон, отличных по интенсивности и ряду других параметров. В статье реализуется принцип полимасштабности – террористическая активность анализируется на трех территориальных уровнях: мировом, страновом (на примере России) и региональном (на примере Юга России).

Полян (Нерлер) Павел Маркович, Супрунчук И., Белозеров В.
Regional Research of Russia. 2017. Vol. 7. No. 4. P. 372-383.
23 октября 2017

Roots of Friendship: Socio-Behavioral and Psychological Foundations of Male Alliances

The summary paper argues that the phenomenon of male alliance (friendship) emerges as a consequence of mutual preference demonstrated by male individuals - both human and animal, - and such preference can be empirically captured. Friendly relations between men are built on two different foundations: (1) the principle of biological and social similarity and (2) the principle of psychological complementarity of the alliance members. Friendship is predominantly formed between boys and men of the same ethnic (racial) origin, similar age, behavior, and common social background. By contrast, psychologically friends are selected based on the complementarity of their temperament and main personality traits, such as ergonicity, sthenicity, emotionality, neophobia/neophilia, extraversion/introversion, dependence/independence of behavior, and dominance/submissiveness. These principles trigger the following key effects: a person is more likely to develop an individual preference and find a friend in childhood, and the number of potential friends is very limited.

American Journal of Applied Psychology. 2017. Vol. 6. No. 5. P. 110-117.
25 октября 2017

The geopolitics of real estate: assembling soft power via property markets

The article problematises the role of real estate in geopolitical circulations. The internationalisation of real estate increases mutual dependencies and vulnerabilities between nation states and, therefore, calls for a better appreciation of the geopolitical externalities and exteriorities of real estate. The article brings together disjoint bodies of literature on real estate globalisation, assemblage theory, and international relations to show how real estate is a case of the geopolitics of the multiple – geopolitics that is being assembled by diverse and distributed actors, discourses, and materialities representing the contingent and emergent formation of connections and considerations, which affect the ways how foreign relations are negotiated today. The argument is substantiated by considering several dimensions of the real estate/geopolitics nexus: (1) external influences over domestic real estate markets; (2) the implications of outward real estate investment; and (3) state-led mega-projects conveying externally the power of the state. These dimensions are considered empirically in the context of the renewed geopolitical tensions between a resurgent Russia and the West. Overall, the article calls for a better positioning of real estate in the conceptualisations of soft power, state power, and geopolitics.

Büdenbender M., Golubchikov O.
International Journal of Housing Policy. 2017. Vol. 17. No. 1. P. 75-96.


Михаил Гельфанд: "Что мы прочитали в геноме неандертальца"

9 сентября, 2016 г.