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of criminals in Russia are women
June 20
How many children Russian families would like to have
February 09
A demographer’s view on cause-of-death statistics in Russia and the world
June 09, 2020
Why families opt for a certain number of children
April 09, 2020
Who ends relationships most often—and why
April 02, 2020
Different ways of parting with childhood in the USSR and today’s Russia
February 29, 2020
How Demographic Trends are Making the Exclave More Isolated
September 22, 2019
How birth rates are changing in post-Soviet countries
April 30, 2019
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Russia’s path to sustainable development and the role of science and technology

June 28

Undergraduates’ anxieties at the onset of online learning

May 17

How mothers of many children (cannot) win in their careers

April 27