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Why high-ability school graduates choose low-quality universities
May 25
Daria Shcheglova discusses how some students could be swept away by the new tidal wave of digital education
April 15
The difference between online and in-person learning for technology students
April 08
What helps and what hinders access to good education in Russian regions
March 19
How Job-Related Training Perpetuates Gender Inequality
March 04
Why Russian Children Rarely Switch Schools
February 20
How the social status of the family programs the education of the child
January 28
Instructors hold differing opinions about doctoral school
November 24, 2019
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How the pandemic has affected their online activity

June 08

Test your knowledge of music-related slang

May 15

Why do we tend to violate the lockdown rules? The answer lies in the game theory.

May 31