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International Affairs
Fraternal Culture in Early Imperial Russia
March 29, 2019
EU MPs are chiefly driven by national, rather than European, interests, in their views on Russia.
September 05, 2016
Asia is turning from a ‘global factory’ into a colossal consumer of goods and services, and this could lead to radical changes in the world economy, Junior Research Fellow in the Centre for Comprehensive European and International Studies (CCEIS), Anastasia Likhacheva, said in the paper ‘A New Model of Development in the Asian Region: Continent of Consumption’ presented at HSE’s XVI April International Academic Conference.
May 05, 2015
Migrant workers in the CIS are vulnerable in terms of pension rights. The recipient country does not expect to care for them in old age, while the country of origin does not count the years worked abroad towards their retirement plan. Portable pensions may offer a solution, according to researchers of the HSE's Laboratory for Comparative Social Research (St. Petersburg) involved in the study Pension Mobility within the Eurasian Economic Union and the CIS
October 09, 2014
States are forming alliances to stand against the dictates of international capital and also to successfully attract this capital to their markets, argues the head of HSE’s Department of International Affairs, Maxim Bratersky, in his report “Political Functions of Regional Trade Agreements.”
May 19, 2014
The ability to provide enough food for yourself, and have a surfeit to sell for export, is becoming a way for states to influence world politics and the economy, says Alina Savelyeva, assistant to the Dean at the HSE Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs. In the lecture she delivered at the HSE’s XV April International Conference 'The role of food potential in modern international politics', Savelyeva considers the mechanisms of how food can be a weapon
April 03, 2014
The 50-year anniversary of the march on Washington was celebrated recently in the US, but the famous ‘dream’ of its inspirer, Martin Luther King, is still a dream: over recent decades, the level of economic and social inequality between whites and African Americans has grown
September 04, 2013
The national debt of the world’s countries is continuing to grow, and, according to the latest estimates, countries are having an increasingly difficult time stabilizing that debt, let alone decreasing it. A recent report by the World Organization of Creditors states that preliminary results for 2012 show the total indebtedness of all countries has exceeded $55 trillion
July 09, 2013
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Poor spelling and punctuation are not a major factor in the perception of intelligence

August 01

Why do we shift our gaze to where the other person is looking?

July 25

Neurobiologist Vasily Klyucharev talks about new world-class labs, the brain's magnetic activity, how our frontal lobes suppress kindness, how stories affect the economy and conflicts between motorists and advocates of greener neighbourhoods

December 06, 2021