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Academic Performance Shapes Student Social Networks

Based on data from the VKontakte social network, researchers have found a relationship between students' academic performance and their closest social environment.
September 18

Artificial Intelligence Society

Robots to Replace Humans?
September 06

Researchers Learn More about Maximizing Brain Use

Neuroscientists have come up with a new multivariate method for predicting behavioural response to a stimulus using information about the phase of preceding neuronal oscillations recorded with EEG.
September 04

Patriarchy in Europe

How Muslim Immigrants’ Gender Attitudes Are Changing.

HSE Researchers Find Optimal Rules for Seedings in Knock-out Tournaments

Researchers have conducted a study on tournaments using the playoff system, which is one of the most popular forms of sporting competitions.
August 29

Doing Business No Matter What

How and why young Russians become entrepreneurs.

Victims Rather Than Enemies

Young Dagestanians share thoughts about ISIL joiners.
August 23

Why Russians Do Not Trust Entrepreneurs

While Russians admit that entrepreneurs do make a positive contribution to society, public trust in business remains low.

How Women Perpetuate Gender Stereotypes

While the patriarchy persists, women tend to adopt men's distrust of women's abilities and view on women as 'the weaker sex'.

Who is the Head of the Household?

Domestic work in Russian families is still a woman's business.
August 09