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Why High-performing Peer Groups Can Undermine Student Success

Being part of a very capable class at school can undermine some students' self-esteem and academic achievement.

Decision-making Rules Least Susceptible to Manipulation, According to Science

HSE researchers have used computer modelling to demonstrate the varying manipulability of decision-making procedures and to identify those least susceptible to manipulation. Their findings are published in the paper 'Manipulability of Majority Relation-based Collective Decision Rules'.

How Corporate Values ​​Affect Bank Profits

Russian companies' corporate values are not associated with higher profits.
July 07

How Alcohol Affects Life Expectancy

Alcohol abuse contributes significantly to premature mortality in Russia.

What Civil Servants Want

Russian civil servants explain their work priorities.

Russia’s Innovation Powerhouses

HSE researchers have, for the first time, measured how ready Russian regions are for the future.

Graduate Salary Expectations in Russia

Students of engineering and economics, undergraduates of state universities, high performers, young people from wealthier families, and those working part-time while at university tend to expect higher salaries upon graduation.

How Bank Names Affect Depositor Behaviour

Russians associate banks whose names they perceive as foreign with higher risks.

Which Type of Corruption Most Harmful to Economy?

Decentralised bribery, where individual bureaucrats or groups act in isolation, is the most harmful type.

Female Employees with Children Pay 'Motherhood Penalty'

Female employees with children tend to earn less than their childless colleagues, but the difference is usually small, at 4% on average.

Why We See Less Eroticism in Movies

Transformation of society's values has changed attitudes towards nudity in film.
June 14