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Author: Sobolevskaya, Olga
More often in young men — young women need strenuous workouts to be happy
September 26
Digital platforms for fast delivery of knowledge: pros and cons
September 02
How fan creations are reshaping cultural canons
August 19
Interesting work is valued almost as much as high pay, followed by job security
August 10
Passive teaching methods may be one of the reasons
July 20
How successful women entrepreneurs present their career achievements, resources and limitations in mass media
July 19
From where — and to where — are people migrating because of climate change?
June 20
Providing long-term care to people who need it: five lessons for Russia
May 17
How to read the '(inter)text' of urban places
April 28
Philately in the USSR: ‘asocial infantilism’, escapism, and micro-dissent
April 12
Which Russian regions have the highest birthrates?
April 01
Why women live longer than men
March 22