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Author: Sobolevskaya, Olga
What helps and what hinders access to good education in Russian regions
March 19
How alcohol addiction spreads in post-Soviet countries
March 10
How Job-Related Training Perpetuates Gender Inequality
March 04
Different ways of parting with childhood in the USSR and today’s Russia
February 29
Why Russian Children Rarely Switch Schools
February 20
How the social status of the family programs the education of the child
January 28
Why families choose to have more children, more often
January 22
What hinders innovations in Russian business
January 16
How Abortion Rates Have Decreased in Russia
December 20, 2019
How the ‘turnstile era’ influenced the physicality of Muscovites
December 18, 2019
HIV and the Transgender Community in Russia
December 07, 2019
What teens think about the police, government officials, parents and teachers
December 03, 2019