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Health Studies
A demographer’s view on cause-of-death statistics in Russia and the world
June 09
The origins and results of the Swedish model for combating the coronavirus
May 28
How different generations fight alcohol addiction
April 26
Why We Don’t Know the True Scale of COVID-19
April 19
How social activity affects the well-being of Europeans over 50 years old
April 17
How alcohol addiction spreads in post-Soviet countries
March 10
Mapping childhood malnutrition
March 01
Because it is easier to retrieve verbs with a more complex argument structure
January 19
10 facts about the physical activity of working Russians
December 26, 2019
How Abortion Rates Have Decreased in Russia
December 20, 2019
Vasily Vlasov explains why we remain helpless before dementia
October 25, 2019
Russians Who Smoke Where They Should Not
October 23, 2019