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Personal qualities and experience are graduates' key assets in applying for their first job, followed by technical knowledge and skills deemed far less important by Russian employers, according to HSE researchers.
September 14, 2016
Academic misconduct such as plagiarism, cheating and paying someone to write your course paper may be triggered by 'school fatigue', research suggests.
September 12, 2016
A positive school climate can support better learning.
September 07, 2016
EU MPs are chiefly driven by national, rather than European, interests, in their views on Russia.
September 05, 2016
More than one-third of Russians are paying their children for academic success and household chores.
September 01, 2016
The wide popularity of ecovillages in Russia is little more than a myth. Most urban Russians who have considered living in the countryside have a dacha or cottage community in mind, rather than real farm and agricultural work.
August 31, 2016
One out of every ten Russians practices user-innovation.
August 29, 2016
In recent years in Russia, female smoking has increased, while the opposite holds true for men; in addition to this, smoking has increased at higher rates among those with lower levels of education compared to more educated Russians.
August 25, 2016
The greater the proportion of working people with university education in a region, the higher its innovation activity.
August 24, 2016
Employees of small and medium-sized businesses (SME) report low self-confidence and little motivation for professional development.
August 23, 2016
The language barrier, a lack of qualified engineers and difficulties with customs clearance – these are some of the key challenges faced by Japanese businesses in Russia.
August 17, 2016
Russia has improved its ranking in the Global Innovation Index, but still has a long way to go.
August 16, 2016