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Causes include income growth and government transfers
November 10, 2021
Snubbing the people you talk to in favour of your smartphone disrupts relationships
November 08, 2021
Even Russians with higher education and steady jobs are feeling more despondent and less optimistic
October 29, 2021
is the volume of Russian IT exports
October 25, 2021
Fashion Theory journal Editor-in-Chief Liudmila Alyabieva explains how the pandemic has changed our wardrobe as well as expectations of the fashion industry — and ourselves
October 22, 2021
Soviet time management — from accelerating time during the GOELRO era to slowing it down during stagnation
October 19, 2021
Anastasia Smirnova explains how HSE folklore researchers digitise and store data
October 15, 2021
Elena Agadullina on the psychology of social inequality
October 11, 2021
And mitigates discrimination in the labour market
October 07, 2021
Citizens view these institutions as sources of national pride.
September 30, 2021
Anna Novikova shares her thoughts on the book The Enchanted Place, student field expeditions, and rural residents' 'non-digitised' traumas
September 21, 2021
Female public officials see bribes as a problem twice as often as their male counterparts. They are less often willing to risk their jobs or take part in fraudulent activities
September 20, 2021