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People tend to tolerate sexist attitudes in someone whom they perceive as highly intelligent
July 08
Due to time zone differences, freelancers have to work longer hours with clients and often for free
July 06
The Bologna reform allows graduates to start working and earning earlier
June 23
Russian scientists have adapted a methodology to help understand how confident a person is in their abilities, competences and achievements
May 25
On the other hand, administrative responsibilities bring a good addition to pay
April 19
Loyalty to family and mutual assistance are important regardless of culture
April 14
Education can reduce drinking – but not as much as previously thought
March 18
How can new technologies help reduce the harm of drug use? 
March 15
More drinking, more eating, more napping, and fewer beauty treatments
January 19
When even New Year’s isn’t enjoyable
January 17
When partners are of the same religion, it helps to compensate for any differences in their values, while monocultural couples are more satisfied with their marriage
November 12, 2020
An HSE researcher’s study used machine learning to analyze over 7 million social media posts
October 21, 2020