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Suspicious Other

How emancipation contributes to trust in strangers

Available and Involved

How Fatherhood Changes in Russia

Artificial Intelligence Society

Robots to Replace Humans?
September 06

Patriarchy in Europe

How Muslim Immigrants’ Gender Attitudes Are Changing.

Doing Business No Matter What

How and why young Russians become entrepreneurs.

Victims Rather Than Enemies

Young Dagestanians share thoughts about ISIL joiners.
August 23

Why Russians Do Not Trust Entrepreneurs

While Russians admit that entrepreneurs do make a positive contribution to society, public trust in business remains low.

How Women Perpetuate Gender Stereotypes

While the patriarchy persists, women tend to adopt men's distrust of women's abilities and view on women as 'the weaker sex'.

Who is the Head of the Household?

Domestic work in Russian families is still a woman's business.
August 09

Female Employees with Children Pay 'Motherhood Penalty'

Female employees with children tend to earn less than their childless colleagues, but the difference is usually small, at 4% on average.