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How gender stereotypes can prevent women from having careers in knowledge-intensive industries
June 14
Bet for the Future
May 21
Attitudes to food waste in Russia
May 17
How unemployment impacts political destabilization in Western and Eastern Europe
May 16
Why seniors don’t care about their health
May 14
Post-Soviet life and the economic ups and downs of recent years have changed the attitude of Russians towards saving. Now, it is not the less fortunate who save, but the more intelligent, according to Elena Berdysheva and Regina Romanova. Or, more to the point, it’s the more intelligent women: domestic finances are usually dealt with by females. At HSE’s recent XIX April international scientific conference, researchers explained how Russians adjusted and optimized family budgets following the crisis of 2014-2017 and how this relates to gender issues.
May 10
What are the limits of frankness in posts about sexual violence
April 25
Why economic growth does not necessarily contribute to human happiness
March 12
How rational are Russians?
March 02
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How solitude differs from loneliness
July 03

Ten percent of Russian School Students Access Higher Education After Completing Vocational Track

July 10
Is diversity useful on eSports teams?
June 29