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Properties of Complex Dispersion and Standard Deviation

The main purpose of this study is to investigate the properties of the statistical characteristics within the framework of the development of the foundations of complex-valued economy. The methodology of the latter is based on using complex variables in econometric models instead of real ones. The research is based on the results of the previous works where the leastsquares method was adapted for the purposes of complex-valued economy and the complex coefficient of pair correlation was derived. In this paper the authors substantiate the use of complex form of such statistical characteristics as the correlation moment, dispersion and standard deviation in complex variable econometrics. The properties of complex dispersion and standard deviation are figured out. Usage of complex dispersion and its characteristics in practice is demonstrated on the example of a complex variable, consisting of two real variables - the world oil price and the world price for gas. The econometric models with complex variables help to describe the economic processes better. Calculation of complex statistical characteristics is an essential procedure in the construction of such models. 

Svetunkov S., Chanysheva A.
Revista ESPACIOS. 2017. Vol. 38. No. 33.
21 июля 2017

«Prudens Faber Fortunae» в трактате Яна Амоса Коменского «Кузнец своего счастья» и «христианский герой» в педагогических сочинениях Дж. Вико

Статья посвящена сравнению концепций гражданского воспитания, разработанных двумя крупными теоретиками педагогики раннего Нового времени — Яном Амосом Коменским и Джамбаттистой Вико. Доказывается, что, если у Коменского обучение благоразумию (prudentia) посредством обращения себе на пользу случая (emendatio casus) осмысляется в категориях христианско-стоической аскезы, то Вико основывает свою гражданскую пайдейю на устроении дорефлексивной сферы посредством топики и риторики.

Вестник Православного Свято-Тихоновского гуманитарного университета. Серия 4: Педагогика. Психология. 2017. Т. 4. № 45. С. 31-40.

Psychometric properties of the Russian version of the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES-9)

This article aims to analyze the psychometric properties of the Russian version of the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES-9) by using a sample of 1783 employees of a large Russian organization. We conducted a series of Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) tests of the factorial structure and the configural, metric, scalar, factor variance, factor covariance, and factor means invariances of the model across gender and age groups. The validity of the Russian version of the UWES-9 was investigated by studying its relationship with burnout, job satisfaction, life satisfaction, and turnover intention. The CFA showed that both the 1-factor and the 3-factor models of the UWES-9 fit well with the data, but the 3-factor model demonstrates a significantly better fit. However, the differences are minor; therefore, in practical terms, the models are identical. Thus the Russian version of the UWES-9 can be used both as a three-scale measurement and as a single scale of work engagement. Results from the multi-group CFA provided evidence of factorial invariance of the 3-factor model across gender and age groups. Internal consistencies of the vigor, dedication, and absorption subscales are acceptable. The results also suggested the convergent, discriminant, and incremental validity of the UWES-9, as shown by its relationship with burnout, job satisfaction, life satisfaction, and turnover intention. The article also discusses the differences in levels of work engagement within different gender and age groups. Overall, the results show that the Russian version of the UWES-9 demonstrates acceptable psychometric properties comparable with the original version and those in other languages. The Russian version of the UWES-9 can therefore be recommended for use in research and practice.

Lovakov A., Agadullina E., Schaufeli W. B.
Psychology in Russia: State of the Art. 2017. Vol. 10. No. 1. P. 145-162.
27 февраля 2017

Publications in Foreign Journals as a Strategy and an Indicator of the Internationalization of the Russian Historical Studies in the 21st Century

292 статьи российских историков в зарубежных журналах, включенных в базу Web of Science за период 2000–2015 г., – это много или мало? Как выглядят учёные из НИУ ВШЭ в российском и мировом контексте? Какие факторы определили рост публикационной активности российских историков в изданиях из списков WoS и Scopus? Наряду с количественными показателями числа публикаций и ссылок, в работе анализируются качественные характеристики статей российских историков: распределение по типам журналов, тематика, топовые авторы, изменения в составе публикаций на протяжении рассматриваемого периода, сравнительная картина публикационной активности историков по научно-образовательным институциям. Для сопоставления приводится динамика публикаций по ряду стран Европы, США, Китаю и Бразилии.

Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas. 2017. No. 2. P. 282-294.
14 июня 2016

Regimes of the Russian–Swedish border in the Novgorod Lands

The working paper analysed the infrastructure of the Russian-Swedish border from a transcultural perspective. The history of the border was split into three periods following major changes in political border regimes. The first period covered the history of the border between Sweden and the Novgorod Republic after its formal delimitation in 1323. The annexation of the Novgorod Lands to the Grand Duchy of Moscow in 1478 marked the beginning of the second period. The third period, which is discussed in detail, covered the history of border infrastructure between the transition of large part of the Novgorod Lands to Sweden in 1617 and 1700. Departing from the debate whether the border was a line or a zone and overcoming state-centred approaches, the working paper demonstrated that the existence of several parallel border regimes during different periods enabled the simultaneous existence of the border as a line and a zone pertaining to different social interactions and subject to manipulation by authorities. The consolidation of the border did not follow the Treaty of Stolbovo (1617), but owed to local demands and an accidental event of an epidemic in 1629–1630. Following the temporary consolidation of the border, the state established firm border control used for duty collection. … 
Selin A. A., Kukushkin K., Sablin I. et al.
Humanities. HUM. Basic Research Programme, 2017. No. 149.
12 мая 2017

Regional Disparities and Efficient Transport Policies in Economics without Borders

This chapter addresses the economics of regional disparities and transport policies in the European Union, offering an explanation for the uneven development of regions. We show that recent developments in spatial economics highlight the fact that trade is costly and location still matters. Since the drop in transport costs and the emergence of a knowledge-based economy, the proximity to natural resources has been replaced by new drivers of regional growth that rely on human capital and cognitive skills. Regions with a high market potential – those where demand is high and transport costs low – are likely to attract more firms and pay higher wages, which leads to sizable and lasting regional disparities. As a consequence, investments in interregional transport policies may not deliver their expected effects. In addition, new information and communication devices foster the fragmentation of the supply chain and the decentralization of activities.

Thisse J., Proost S.
Cambridge University Press, 2017.
28 июля 2017

Relaciones comerciales entre Rusia e España a los principios del siglo XIX

В статье рассматривается развитие торговых отношений между Россией и Испанией во время правления Карла IV и Фердинанда VII, внимание автора сосредоточено на деятельности дипломатов в развитии коммерции между двумя странами, в первую очередь И.М. Муравьёва-Апостола, российского полномочного посланника в Испании (1802-1805), его испанского коллеги в Санкт-Петербурге, Гаспара-и-Марии де ла Нава Альвареса де Норонья, (1802- 1807), а также генеральных консулов Испании Антонио де Коломби (Санкт-Петербург) и Франсиско де Багер-и-Рибаса (Одесса). На основе их донесений изучены причины сокращения торговли между Испанией и Россией во время правления Фердинанда VII.

Вестник Российского университета дружбы народов. Серия: История России. 2017. No. 3.

Residents’ Attitudes Towards Place Marketing: Tourism Marketing Focus

В работе рассмотрены теоретические аспекты концепции сопроизводства и ее приложение в сфере территориального маркетинга. Реализовано поисковое исследование, основанное на обзоре и критическом анализе существующих в литературе подходов, и предложена концептуальная модель оценки готовности жителей участвовать в процессе сопроизводства в территориальном маркетинге.

Almatourism - Journal of Tourism, Culture and Territorial Development. 2017. Vol. 8. No. 7. P. 286-297.
26 марта 2017


Authors develop a new approach to study one’s relationships with others, which focuses on the conditions and the effects of dialogical nature of a person. Theoretical modeling, hermeneutics, qualitative and quantitative methods are applied. The solution for detecting the conditions of self-development and social positioning of a person, which are rooted in dialogical I-Other relationships are suggested. The originality of the paper is associated with describing the relation to the other as the reflexive I-Other relationship; with elaborated model that highlights how different dimensions of I-Other relationships (between I and Other, I-in-Other, Other-in-Me, I-in-Myself) leads to truly dialogical mode of being; with revealing the potentials of Conversation Partner in dialogical I-Other relationships (subjective interrelations and significance of Conversation Partners, their activity, fullness of reflection of significant Conversation Partners); with description of different hypostases of Conversation Partners (Real, Ideal, Secret, I as Myself) by the means of hermeneutics. “My Conversation Partner” method is also should be mentioned, as well as empirical study of existential and social resources of Conversation Partners. Theoretical background of the study is formed by the works of M.M. Bakhtin, M. Buber, M. Heidegger, J-P Sartre. E. Levinas, as well as by the works of modern psychologists such as G.M. Kuchinsky, A.V. Rossohin, E.B. Starovoytenko, Brown C.T.& Keller P.W., Hermans H.J.M., Rivetti Ваrbo F., etc. As the results of a current research have shown, the potentials of social adaptivity, affiliation, dominating, positive solitude, joy of solitude, freedom, self-transcendence, existential fulfillment are associated with the richness of one's Conversation Partners.

Psychology. Journal of the Higher School of Economics. 2017.
4 октября 2016

Restatement of Labour Law in Europe. Volume I. The Concept of Employee

The concept of ‘employee’ is arguably the most important one in labour law, defi ning, as it does, the scope of the discipline as a whole. This important new publication aims to develop a restatement of the concept of the employee in European labour law. The study identifi es both problems and solutions that have emerged, clearly setting out comparisons between the different member states’ approaches. The country reports explore both statutes and case law, tracking their contribution to legal doctrine. The
objective of the restatement is to increase knowledge and gain a better understanding of one of the most crucial aspects of European labour law.

Lyutov N. L., Gerasimova E., Risak M. et al.
Portland: Hart Publishing, 2017.
13 июля 2017

Review on: "Joseph F. O’Callaghan. The Last Crusade in the West: Castile and the Conquest of Granada. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014"

Review of the final volume of the trilogy on the crusading movement in medieval Spain “The Last Crusade in the West” by Professor Emeritus of Medieval History at Fordham University Pennsylvania and author of numerous books Joseph O'Callaghan

Written Monuments of the Orient. 2017. No. 1. P. 83-86.
17 февраля 2017

Russia: A Migration System with Soviet Roots

The Russian Federation appeared on the world map as an independent state at the end of 1991, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Even as it grappled with huge political and economic upheaval, Russia suddenly found itself home to a massive number of “immigrants” from former Soviet states. With little experience managing international migration flows to guide policy in this area initially, Russia has been at the center of transformative shifts in migration, all while its government has worked to solidify a comprehensive migration management system.

The history of international migration in Russia did not begin with the breakup of the Soviet Union. Therefore, analysis of migration patterns in the Russian Federation, as in other former Soviet republics, should begin in earlier times, when they formed a single state. Many sociodemographic issues and ethnopolitical conflicts in former Soviet republics, as well as migration flows between them after the breakdown of the Soviet Union, are to a large extent the result of Soviet-era migration. Today, Russia maintains strong cultural, political, and economic ties with residents of former Soviet states—reflected in ongoing migration patterns—which it works to strengthen with its citizenship policies.

Denisenko M. B., Choudinovskikh O.
Migration Information Source. 2017.