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Author: Saltanova, Svetlana
HSE University scholars create electronic database of Chinese mythological characters
November 19
With the peak of the crisis behind us, there’s still a long way to recovery
November 10
Social justice, as seen by Russian university undergraduates
November 06
Anna Fedunina—about how the presence of academics in Russian companies influences their export success on world markets.
September 13
The USSR State Budget during World War II
September 06
Even though the income of those who have kids is still higher
August 30
How Russians’ personal qualities influence their income level
July 23
How the pandemic has affected Russian manufacturers
July 14
Science and culture with up to 8% workplace innovators are the only exceptions.
July 05
How Soviet women paid a price for associating with allied soldiers
June 21
How COVID-19 has changed the attitude of Russians to each other
June 17
The origins and results of the Swedish model for combating the coronavirus
May 28