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Professor Vasily Vlasov on the Pfizer & BioNTech vaccine, prospects for widespread immunization against COVID-19 and Russia’s radical approach
November 18, 2020
When partners are of the same religion, it helps to compensate for any differences in their values, while monocultural couples are more satisfied with their marriage
November 12, 2020
With the peak of the crisis behind us, there’s still a long way to recovery
November 10, 2020
Social justice, as seen by Russian university undergraduates
November 06, 2020
How parental involvement affects children’s performance in school
October 30, 2020
An HSE researcher’s study used machine learning to analyze over 7 million social media posts
October 21, 2020
The new information will help specialists diagnose reading disorders with greater accuracy
October 15, 2020
Ukraine is 47th, Russia—59th, and Maldives—98th
October 11, 2020
Only 10% know where they really stand on the income scale
October 09, 2020
Russia ranked 59th among 105 countries around the world
October 08, 2020
For many years, they have been unable to adapt to the possibility of becoming poor
October 04, 2020
How Russia's labour market is losing quality workforce
September 30, 2020